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Kingdom Fedora Hat - 100% beaver felt (100x)

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Our adVintage Fedoras are made to reach the highest screen accuracy, so the Kingdom Fedora has... more
Kingdom Fedora Hat - 100% beaver felt (100x)

Our adVintage Fedoras are made to reach the highest screen accuracy, so the Kingdom Fedora has the typical flat crown and the exact mid-wide front, as the origial movie hat.

The “KotCS” Fedora you see here shows generic and typical characteristics of the hat used in the movie. If you want your hat to look like in a specific movie scene, just let me know in the field for comments in the order process.

Everything we do to create your Fedora hat, from blocking over sewing and sewing in each trimming to shaping it, is completely done by hand. For this reason the this Fedora is made to order exclusivly for you.

Why adVintage?

  • 100% best quality portuguese beaver felt
  • handblocked and wet-ironed for max endurance
  • in-felt waterproofing / not sprayed on
  • back-sewn sweatbands for invisible seams
  • all handmade for max possible customizations

What customizations are possible?
I'll send you a questionnaire by email after receipt of your order
, so you can choose your favourite sweatband and hat lining colour, and the stiffness of the felt. A free laser engraving of the sweatband, such as your name, initials or a logo is also possible. Furthermore, if you have special requests, you can also choose from different felt colours (all 100% beaver felt), brim widths, crown heights, ribbons in different widths and colours, brim finishes and so on. I am happy to send you felt and ribbon samples by letter upon request.

Please measure your head circumference right above the eyebrows with a taylors measuring tape before ordering. Please don't estimate your head circumference from other hats. Each hat is different. You can choose a standard size or sent me your head circumference as a comment or by email.

This fedora will be handmade for you by me on order. The delivery time consists of waiting time (other orders ahead), production (about 10-14 days) and shipping (Germany about 3 days, Europe about 4-7 days, other countries about 20-30 Days).

Please read our FAQ regarding hat care.

The adVintage review of the "Kingdom" Fedora: