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Todesstern Oberflächen Module NYCC Exclusive Star Warr efx

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Todesstern Oberflächen Module "NYCC Exclusive" aus Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope vom Hersteller... mehr
Todesstern Oberflächen Module NYCC Exclusive Star Warr efx

Todesstern Oberflächen Module "NYCC Exclusive" aus Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope vom Hersteller EFX.

Artikelbeschreibung des Herstellers:

One of the most iconic symbols of imperial might was the Death Star, first seen in Star Wars A New Hope. Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) made "modules" (a.k.a. tiles) to create the surface of the dreaded Death Star. The modules were made in several scales to give the illusion of different altitudes over the Death Star surface. The largest modules were referred to as the "low altitude" tiles, as seen in the trench, the smaller modules were for the different altitudes of the epic battles between the Imperial TIE Fighters and the Rebel Starfighters.

No less attention to detail was given to these modules than the other models the made. As with the models, these modules were made in the same process known as "kit-bashing." Thus, the details in these modules are the same as the incredible models. The modules in this set are the "high altitude: square tiles in the medium altitude configuration. Each square was approximately 3" X 3". There were 14 different "high altitude" square tiles made and were molded in 2 sets, the first with tiles referred to as 1-6 and the second set 7-14. They were then cut up into many different variations, some with all 6 (or 8) modules, all the way down to individual squares. They were then laid out on the sound stage floor to film the exciting dogfights over the Death Star. In some scenes, different sizes were used were used to give the surface more depth and detail.

The EFX modules were cast from a set of original modules along with some original model parts to recreate the most accurate replica of these iconic tiles. Steve Gawley, one of several ILM model makers to work on the modules, is shown setting up the Death Star surface set. Based on Joe Johnston's 3/4 view concept sketches, Steve sketched the plan (top) views for the model shop to build from.

Produktgewicht: 500 Gramm
Produktdimensionen: 250 mm x 160 mm x 100 mm (LxBxH) 

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